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Solidyfy is a specialized holding entity acquiring and managing Marketing, Advertising and Communications Agencies, dedicated to delivering result-driven solutions for client success. We focus on integrating top talent and services to create a one-stop-shop for elite marketing services, driving revenue growth and providing seamless solutions for our clients’ growth objectives.

Our approach is based on the belief that acquiring top talent and integrating complementary companies will create an ultimate one-stop-shop for our clients. We are dedicated to delivering result-driven solutions that help our clients succeed.

We focus on providing a platform for our subsidiaries to thrive, and we are committed to building a strong team of experts to manage our portfolio of companies. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their growth objectives through the seamless integration of marketing solutions, sales synergies, and executive leadership.

Our Philosophy

A core principle we carry is our win-win-win philosophy. For us, a successful acquisition must create value for everyone involved: the agency owner, the team, and the clients.


Our philosophy stems deep from a belief that collaboration and innovation drive success. We are committed to building an environment where creativity and diverse skill sets can thrive, through empowerment and leadership. We’ll continue to integrate top-tiered expertise and talent while continuously pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing.

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Blake’s current commitment lies deeply in the domain of Mergers and Acquisitions, revolving around the Digital Marketing World, a field he is extremely passionate about. In his role, he serves as a facilitator, sales director & leader, ensuring seamless transitions for buyers, sellers and clients. Efficiency and effectiveness define his approach as he orchestrates the processes. Guided by the firm belief in the power of visionary and steward leadership coupled with the value of hard work, his aim is to achieve exceptional results.

Joshua Barnett

Joshua Barnett is an accomplished financial leader driven by a passion for optimizing operational efficiency and growth through strategic financial planning, rigorous analysis, and disciplined execution. As the co-founder of Solidify, a holding entity specializing in the acquisitions and management of Marketing agencies. Joshua’s skills as an M&A entrepreneur have been instrumental in navigating complex financial landscapes and collaborating across teams. His visionary approach to integrating recent acquisitions and achieving long-term goals has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor to investors and executives alike.


Bradley Cheedle is a senior executive with over 30 years of progressive professional experience in B2B marketing, product development, business development, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, sales management, and technical operations within high-tech market segments. He is recognized as a well-connected, high-energy, and dynamic leader with a notable boardroom presence. Cheedle prides himself on his ethics and integrity, consistently ensuring these values are central to supporting the business culture and strategic vision. His expertise in operations, sales, marketing, and finance has driven record-setting productivity and profitability for the organizations he has led, even in highly competitive environments.


Christopher “Kit” Maxwell, brings 25 years of experience in public accounting, serving both public and private companies in the oil and gas, real estate, and hospitality industries. Currently, he is a full-time professor at the University of Colorado, where he teaches undergraduate and master’s level classes. Additionally, Kit teaches individual master’s level courses in oil and gas accounting at Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado.


Ted Sanders is a strategic advisor to the Board of Directors, C-Suite, and various company departments, leveraging his combined expertise in legal, business, and engineering domains. He seamlessly blends large company best practices with the agility of small companies. Sanders excels in high-pressure special situations, including negotiating and integrating transformative acquisitions, financing and credit agreements, complex international agreements, restructuring and exiting underperforming businesses, and managing high-stakes litigation, regulatory, compliance, and shareholder matters.


Jeremy Lessaris is a global marketing and communications executive with over 20 years of experience in the industrial, energy, transportation, and technology sectors. He has founded and invested in numerous ventures.

As Global Vice President of Marketing & Communications for Power Solutions International, owned by Weichai, Lessaris managed marketing efforts, achieving 20% annual growth and securing over $30 million in capital. He also contributed to a 364% stock increase in six months.

Recently, he founded and led a US-based design agency, achieving nearly 3000% growth in 18 months. An accomplished tech founder, Lessaris has led eight companies to successful exits.