Acquisition Criteria

Industry Sectors

  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)
  • Supply Chain & Distribution
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Home Services
  • Private Equity, Investment Banks, and M&A firms
  • Healthcare
  • Technology and Software

Competitive Advantage

  • Strong market position and reputation
  • Entrenched customer relationships
  • Differentiated productized advantage
  • Driven by low-cost structure
  • Skilled channel management
  • Proprietary and proven scalable processes

Financial Characteristics

  • Total Gross Revenue for platform investments typically range from $1 to $5 million. Tuck in investments usually fall under $1 million Gross Revenue
  • Profitability target of $250,000 to $1,000,000 with margins of 15% to 30% or higher for platform investments
  • Maintain a strong monthly recurring revenue (MRR):project ratio, with a target of 50% or more
  • Limited customer concentration: avoiding reliance on any single client or group of clients

Ownership Characteristics

  • Owners ready to retire or exit their business, seeking a trustworthy partner for a positive future
  • Businesses experiencing growth challenges due to limited resources or operational hurdles
  • Owners desiring stability and support, looking to join a group that offers a solid foundation
  • Business owners interested in becoming part of a strong ecosystem, with plans for a future exit

Geographic Focus

  • Ideally situated within the contiguous 48 states of the United States, open to exploring opportunities across North America
  • Outside geographic areas will be considered on a deal by deal basis
  • Operated remotely, in a hybrid model, or maintain a full-time office presence. We recognize and welcome the agency models prevalent across today’s landscape

Growth Opportunities

  • Proactive and driven management team with an ability to thrive in a performance-based culture, and lead by example
  • Commitment to new products, customers, expansion, and/or potential tuck-in acquisitions
  • Opportunities to expand through new capital expenditures and infrastructure

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Joshua Barnett

Joshua Barnett is an accomplished financial leader driven by a passion for optimizing operational efficiency and growth through strategic financial planning, rigorous analysis, and disciplined execution. As the co-founder of Solidify, a holding entity specializing in the acquisitions and management of Marketing agencies. Joshua’s skills as an M&A entrepreneur have been instrumental in navigating complex financial landscapes and collaborating across teams. His visionary approach to integrating recent acquisitions and achieving long-term goals has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor to investors and executives alike.